Grimes' Mom Slammed Elon Musk for "Blaring MRA Bullsh*t" Weeks After Grimes Gave Birth

Grimes' mom, Sandy Garossino, is not happy with her grandchild's father, Elon Musk, after he invoked the alt-right concept of the "red pill."

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  • Grimes' mom, Sandy Garossino, is not happy with her grandchild's father, Elon Musk.
  • Musk recently tweeted, "Take the red pill," a Matrix reference that's since been co-opted by anti-feminists, men's rights activists, and the alt-right.
  • In response, Garossino tweeted, "If your partner went through a challenging pregnancy and childbirth in the last two weeks...would you be blaring MRA bullshit on Twitter right now?"

It looks like all is less than harmonious in the Grimes-Musk household, two weeks after Grimes gave birth to baby X Æ A-12 Musk. Reports of discord haven't come from Grimes or Musk themselves, however, but from Grimes' mom, journalist and former lawyer Sandy Garossino. In a series of tweets, Garossino slammed Musk for "blaring MRA bullshit on Twitter" right after Grimes' "challenging" childbirth experience. While the tweets have since been deleted, Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Mac had the foresight to screenshot them and post them on Twitter—and Grimes herself liked that tweet.

Let's set the scene: Musk added to his ever-swelling bibliography of controversial tweets over the weekend, when he posted, "Take the red pill." For those blissfully unaware: Once just a Matrix reference, the concept of the "red pill" has been roundly co-opted by men's rights activists (MRA), anti-feminists, and the alt-right. In short, any mention of the red pill should serve as a very large, very urgent red flag.

Said tweet went down very poorly with Garossino, who tweeted, "If your partner went through a challenging pregnancy and childbirth in the last two weeks...And you were over 16 years old, Would you be blaring MRA bullshit on Twitter right now?"

And Garossino wasn't done. After political consultant Gerald Butts tweeted, "Buddy has a 3 week old baby. Maybe step away from the broflakes," she responded, "Not yet 2 weeks old."

What's more, she retweeted a post from New York magazine's Pivot podcast, concerning Musk's recent decision to restart Tesla production in California despite ongoing lockdown orders. It seems fair to deduce that Garossino was...not in favor of that move:

And the last chapter in this saga: Grimes herself appeared to like (then subsequently unlike) Mac's screenshots of Garossino's tweets:

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