'Dear White People' Parodied the Controversial "I Take Responsibility" PSA

The white cast members of Dear White People perfectly parodied the "I Take Responsibility" PSA in character as the tone-deaf people they play on the show.

  • Earlier this week, the "I Take Responsibility" PSA featuring several white celebrities was the subject of criticism from people who felt it was a tone-deaf response.
  • In response, the white cast members from Netflix's popular series Dear White People filmed a parody PSA as their own tone-deaf characters. 
  • "The white students of Winchester also want to take responsibility. We tried to stop them," the show tweeted with the video.

Earlier this week, several prominent white celebrities appeared in a PSA for the "I Take Responsibility" campaign. The spot, described as featuring "influential voices from the white community [taking] responsibility for turning the racist tide in America," proved controversial, with critics calling it "tone-deaf." The PSA featured prominent actors like Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Julianne Moore, and Stanley Tucci.

In response to the widely-criticized ad, the white cast members of Netflix's popular series Dear White People recorded a parody of the campaign. John Patrick Amedori, Wyatt Nash, Caitlin Carver, Erich Lane, and Sheridan Pierce filmed a parody in character as the tone-deaf individuals they play on the show

"The white students of Winchester also want to take responsibility. We tried to stop them," the show's tweet sharing the video says.

"I'm Muffy Tuttle, and I take responsibility," Carver says as her Dear White People character. "I take responsibility for being white and pretty and desirable to men of all races."

"I take responsibility... for being hilarious even though people are PC now," Nash, in character as Kurt, adds.

Watch the full (and fully hilarious) parody below:

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