Twitter Reactions to Sia's 2020 Billboard Music Awards Performance and Look

"Here comes Sia looking like she’s on The Masked Singer lmao."

sia on stage
(Image credit: Kevin Winter/BBMA2020)
  • For the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, singer Sia delivered a rare televised performance, taking the stage at the socially-distanced event to belt out her new track, "Courage to Change."
  • As usual, Sia mostly obscured her face for the performance. She wore a huge, billowing pink ballgown for the performance, along with a giant, curly blonde and pink wigged that she topped off with a huge yellow bow.
  • People on Twitter had a lot of ~thoughts~ about Sia's Billboard Music Awards look.

Sia took the stage at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards for a rare televised performance. The iconic singer performed her new song, "Courage to Change," for the event and, TBH, it was definitely an appropriate song choice for the evening/for the uncertain times we're living through.

Sample lyrics:

"You’re not alone in all this/ You're not alone I promise/ Standing together we can do anything/ You're not alone in all this/ You’re not alone I promise/ Standing together we can do anything."

Sia's song was impressive, obvi, but it wasn't the most talked-about thing about her performance. That honor goes to her look. Sia performed in a huge, pink gown that could double a visual definition of the word "billowing." As usual, the singer's face was almost entirely obscured, this time by a giant, curly blonde and pink wig topped off with an even bigger yellow bow.

Here's a full-length look at the ensemble:

sia on stage

(Image credit: Kevin Mazur/BBMA2020)

People on Twitter had ~thoughts~ about the look. Here's just some of the commentary people shared about it:

When it came to her performance, however, the consensus was basically a resounding yasss:

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