28 Reactions to Oprah's Interview with Meghan and Harry


CONTENT WARNING: The below story contains mentions of suicidal thoughts. This content may be triggering for some readers. Sunday's explosive Oprah interview with Meghan and Prince Harry promised frank revelations about the couple's split from the royal family, their thoughts on Buckingham Palace, and a dive into their marriage. And boy, did it deliver.

After a week of dominating the headlines due Meghan's alleged "bullying" during her time as a working royal—with the Sussexes laying blame squarely on Buckingham Palace—we finally got the couple's side of the story.

Naturally, the Internet was abuzz with some commentary:

People were happy to see Meghan "spilling all the family tea."

Some took issue with how the royal family welcomed the Duchess.

Twitter also reacted to racist elements of Meghan's struggle with the royal family.

Others noted how gracious Meghan has been throughout it all.

People also stood in solidarity with the Duchess and her mental health crisis.

And the memes, of course.

Zoe Guy

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