Beyoncé Stunned in the Coolest Mesh Mini Dress With Matching Gloves

    Beyoncé, ever generous queen of the Beyhive, has gifted us with a string of stunning looks on her Instagram of late. And on Sunday, she shared yet another gorgeous ensemble: a mesh mini dress in shades of soft green and gray with a photographic statue print, which she paired with matching full-length gloves, green slingback heels, gold and yellow earrings, and a lime green bag.

    The very '90s mini dress, which features spaghetti straps and a square neckline, is the work of emerging brand Auné, as selected by Bey's longterm stylist Zerina Akers. Alas, the exact dress—the Trompe L'œil Print Mini Dress—is currently sold out, though you can join me and a sizable proportion of the Beyhive on the waiting list here.

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    Auné, a concept store and clothing brand founded by Xenab Lone, shared a delighted Instagram post about Beyoncé wearing the dress, which I can imagine is firmly in the top 10 greatest feelings available to humanity. "The day has finally come *I know it’s an early post but couldn’t contain myself* Thank you @zerinaakers for reaching out and requesting this look for Beyoncé," a post on the brand's Instagram page read. "It’s not often I fangirl over people but this is someone who I grew up listening to and is so ICONIC! My year has been made."

    Speaking to Vogue last year, stylist Zerina Akers spoke about the importance of choosing independent designers for Beyoncé's wardrobe. "The most rewarding part is getting to see the younger independent designers who have been able to come up and make a name for themselves," she said. "I always talk to Sarah Diouf of Tongoro Studio, and Beyoncé was the first to wear her brand. She went from employing seven people to employing fifty. The reach that [visibility] creates could have easily been funneled back into a corporation, but here it is helping families and giving these young designers their moment."

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