Gabrielle Union Danced Topless in Front of a Window: "It's Actually Freedom"

She's having the time of her life.

Gabrielle Union
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We all know Gabrielle Union is an icon (opens in new tab), but if you wanted more proof, she's happy to oblige. The actress recently took to Instagram (opens in new tab) to deliver a swift lesson in vulnerability, by dancing topless in front of a window.

In the video, Union is standing on a windowsill looking out over a big city skyline, wearing nothing but shapewear bottoms. She dances and sings as friends can be heard laughing and cheering her on in the background.

The caption reads, "Giving strong dancing cricket vibes ... but when folks ask what it feels like to be so publicly vulnerable… This right here ... Seriously though, if you have ever felt like you might literally die from humiliation, being vulnerable can be a challenge but lemme tell youuuuuuu, it’s actually FREEDOM. Peace & joy can live side by side with vulnerability. #YouGotAnythingStronger available everywhere now. Grab a copy or audible today. #ShapewearIsMyFriend"

Jenna Dewan (opens in new tab) commented, "you goddess!" and Viola Davis (opens in new tab) said, "LOVE this!!!!"—which about sums up my feelings on the whole concept as well.

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You Got Anything Stronger (opens in new tab) is Gabrielle Union's (opens in new tab) second memoir, which just came out. In it, she opens up in a big way about life as a mom (opens in new tab), her career as it stands today, her fight against long-standing racism in the entertainment industry, and much, much more.

For reference, Union's first book, We're Going to Need More Wine (opens in new tab), has a 4.19 Goodreads rating at time of writing and was a New York Times bestseller that left readers begging for a follow-up. Time to get reading, I think.

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