Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Could Bring the Kids to England for Christmas

According to a royal expert, they are considering a visit to “heal” family rifts.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
(Image credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t spent a Christmas in the UK since 2018—and it’s probably safe to assume that all the infighting among members of the royal family is a major reason why. But with the arrival of daughter Lilibet earlier this year may be a chance to heal things, at least according to one royal expert.

In a conversation with Closer, Katie Nicholl, the royal editor for Vanity Fair and author of the 2019 book Harry and Meghan: Life, Loss, and Love, suggested that the couple is considering bringing Lilibet and Archie to the UK for Christmas 2021, in a bid to smooth things over with the rest of the family. “Christmas is being looked at as an opportunity,” Nicholl told the magazine. “There may be a softening, which could pave the way for a healing of the family rift.”

She also added that the royal family is ready to let bygones be bygones, should the couple decide to make the hop across the pond with the kids. “It’s certainly what the Queen wants. Prince Charles would like to see his grandchildren. A meet-up suggests they hope to move on and sort things out,” Nicholl said.

And according to the expert, despite the drama Harry and Meghan have planned on returning to England to spend some time all along. “When Harry and Meghan left, they made it clear they didn’t want to give up their home in Britain. They still have Frogmore Cottage and their plan was to come back to the UK.”

If they do decide to make the trip for the holidays, it’ll be a huge stepping stone. The rest of the royal family haven’t yet met Lilibet—who was born in June—and they haven’t seen Archie since early 2020. Plus, who doesn’t feel full of love around the holidays? The timing could be excellent for healing old wounds.

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