Beauty Icon: Salma Hayek Pinault

The movie-star-turned-mogul shares her secrets, from how to get soft skin to mastering the perfect smoky eye.

SALMA HAYEK PINAULT has always been an entrepreneur. It started at age 12, when she charged girls at her boarding school $1 for makeovers. Now she has her own beauty line, Nuance Salma Hayek, inspired by the DIY hair and skin treatments her grandmother used to make. Daughter Valentina, 6, seems to have inherited the beauty gene, too: "She takes all my makeup—but she's not allowed to wear it outside yet," says Hayek Pinault.

1. NUANCE SALMA HAYEK LASTING WEAR GEL LINER IN GREY, $10: "I used to take my mom's eyeliner pencil and soften the tip under a lightbulb so it went on more easily. Now I've created the perfect liner: It's really smooth when you put it on, then you have three minutes to smudge it, and after that it stays all day. I'm into gray because it's not as harsh as black."

2. BOUCHERON PLACE VENDÔME EAU DE PARFUM, $115: "This is delicious. It's sexy but in a deep way—musky but not masculine."

3. NUANCE SALMA HAYEK AGE AFFIRM FIRMING DAY & NIGHT CREAM, $17: "My grandmother nagged me about protecting my skin, but I was awful and never listened to her. Now I'm a little better and use this—age made me change."

4. JO MALONE LONDON LIME BASIL & MANDARIN CANDLE, $65: "I like this candle—it's just so clean. You want your house to smell fresh."

5. NUANCE SALMA HAYEK COLOR VIBRANCE LIPSTICK IN CORAL, $10. "I wear this shade with my gray eyeliner."

6. LA MER THE HYDRATING FACIAL, $250 FOR SIX MASKS: "I love the texture of this sheet mask. Some sheet masks are jellylike, but this one is creamy and really moisturizing."

7. COOLER CLEANSE JUICES: "When I've been eating a lot of not good stuff, I'll drink Cooler Cleanse Essential Green, which makes me feel lighter. When I travel, I drink the Young Coconut Water because flying makes you dehydrated, and it has potassium and minerals to pick you up. And when I feel a cold coming on, I'll have the Essential Red. It's like a bomb of vitamins."

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