Artist Reimagines Your Favorite Celebrities Covered in Glorious Tattoos


kate middleton

(Image credit: Cheyenne Randall)

What would Kate Middleton and Prince William look like as children of the punk movement, wearing purple hair and head-to-toe tattoos? Or Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe? Seattle artist Cheyenne Randall has some ideas. The artist is reponsible for reimaginging our favorite celebrities as tattoo-happy individuals, thereby transforming the public images we have come to know so well.

In an interview with NBC'sToday, the 36-year-old Randall spoke of his process. "I taught myself Photoshop and thus began a slight obsession with seeing out of pure curiosity what some of my favorite iconic personalities would look like perhaps if they were in a parallel universe or took another path in life. Really I just let my imagination run wild," he said.

He published the images on his Tumblr and the Instagram feed, Indiangiver, features his work. According to the Instagram account, the photographs are not for sale and only for visual enjoyment, however you can contact the artist about purchasing via his Tumblr page. Randall's work completely challenges the celeb's persona, though it's amazing how the tattoos look somewhat natural on some of the stars (we're seriously digging Marilyn Monroe with tatted sleeves).

Some of the stars Randall reimagined lived during a time when women in the U.S. considered the body art a cultural no-no. During the early to mid 1900s, heavily tattooed women appeared in circuses. One of the first female tattoo artists in America, Maud Wagner, was an aerialist and contortionist.

Take a look at some of our favorite images below, and be sure to check out Randall's Tumblr and Instagram for more.

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Images via Cheyenne Randall's Tumblr and Instagram.

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