10 Years Later, We Look Back On The Olsens' New York Minute Style

Remember the House of Bling?

10 years ago, New York Minute hit theaters and marked the end of an era. Like many, we grew up binging on everything Mary-Kate and Ashley. For as long as we could remember, we had a constant stream of Olsen media — from mystery literature to after-school sitcoms — but after the film hit theaters in 2004, they went on to more fashionable pursuits.

Surely, our office wardrobes would pay a dear price without Elizabeth and James and The Row, but we're always nostalgic for their twintastic, straight-to-video movies. Not to mention, their impressive corresponding style. New York Minute boasted some of their most ridiculous outfits to date and we can't help but reminisce.

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In New York Minute, Roxy (Mary-Kate) and Jane (Ashley), two teenage twin sisters from Long Island, end up on a whirlwind adventure in NYC. On one hand you have Roxy's bohemian style, with her Metallica T-shirt, distressed denim, and red cap, and on the other you have Jane who is more polished in her pastel pink blazer, button-down blouse, and bermuda shorts.

When the girls make an impromptu trip to the House of Bling, they transform their looks. Despite requesting a, "corporate bling," look Jane ends up in a power blue leather look with yellow lace-up go-go boots (very Miu Miu Spring 2014, we have to say), while Roxy is groovy in a burgundy velour, leopard-lined coat, matching leggings, and oversized hoops.

Confession: We think Roxy was (and is) the more badass twin.

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