Alicia Keys Proves Why She'll Always Be Famous at the Super Bowl

Usher who? (We kid.)

Usher and Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl Halftime Show
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Alicia Keys, you will always be famous! The MVP of the Usher Halftime Show at The Taylor and Travis Show the 2024 Super Bowl was a no-brainer as far as this Alicia is concerned: our lady of "My Boo" had the best night of any of Usher's myriad guest stars.

Making a show-stopping entrance in a bright red ensemble, complete with a billowing cape to match the sensual curves of her equally-hued piano, Keys had all eyes on her with her statement-making look.

Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl halftime show

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Absolutely covered in the most stunning, monochromatic mosaic of crystals and other shiny things, Keys performed a tiny snippet of "If I Ain't Got You" before dancing with Usher to their hit song, "My Boo" in one of the best bodysuits we've seen on any stage.

Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Seriously: have any two people looked cooler than this at the Super Bowl?

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Of course— this is Alicia Keys we're talking about here—the singer backed up her gorgeous look with equally as sumptuous live vocals and her (as always) makeup-free face.

Now, listen: we get it! The frantically hyperbolic-feeling coverage of live events like this may feel a bit old hat at this point, but can you really blame us? When someone who's had as long and impressive a career as Alicia Keys has, still looks as good as she does without make-up and after having two babies as she does, how could we not celebrate her with an impassioned 250 words or so? It's what ALL of the Alicias of my childhood deserve.

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