Anne Hathaway Provides a Much-Awaited Update on Sequels for Two of Her Most Popular Movies

There's some good news, and there's some bad news.

Anne Hathaway
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Up next for Anne Hathaway is the film The Idea of You, a sex-positive film about a single mother dating a heartthrob from a boy band, and as the film's release date approaches, she's sitting down with V Magazine to discuss all things fashion, film, and family.

Hathaway has starred in over 50 films over her career, winning an Oscar for her work in Les Misérables. But there are two movies in particular that fans keep wanting more and more of, and she opened up about whether we can expect a sequel for either of them anytime soon.

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Hathaway opens up about the possibility of more "The Princess Diaries" or "The Devil Wears Prada."

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Naturally, the topic of The Devil Wears Prada came up during the interview, as it does in most conversations. But when asked whether fans can expect a sequel to this beloved and regularly-quoted masterpiece, Hathaway unfortunately broke hearts across the globe.

“Probably not," she responded. "We all love each other and if somebody could come up with a way to do it, I think we’d all be crazy not to. But there’s a huge difference in the world now with technology, and one of the things about that particular story is it was about producing a physical object. Now with so much being digital, it would just be very different. Maybe me, Stanley, Emily, Meryl, Dave Frankel, Patricia Field…we should just all do something else together. That’d be fun.”

While people will never get to see Andy Sachs take up the role of editor-in-chief of Runway, they will be catching a glimpse of the Queen of Genovia once more. When asked about the third installment in the beloved The Princess Diaries franchise, Hathaway was coy yet positive about it. “We’re in a good place,” she said. “That’s all I can say. There’s nothing to announce yet. But we’re in a good place.”

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When it comes to sequel possibilities for the two hit movies, we're splitting the difference.

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Disney signed on for a third Princess Diaries film in 2022 after years of speculation and clear interest from the stars. The director of the first two films, Garry Marshall, passed away in 2016, but prior to his death, he expressed interest in another film in the franchise. “I was with Anne Hathaway a couple weeks ago. It looks like we want to do The Princess Diaries 3 in Manhattan," he told People. (Perhaps they'll set it in New York City in his honor.)

Chris Pine has also stated that he would be keen on reprising his role of the dashing Nicholas Devereaux. Pine starred in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and was a fan favorite; when viewers last saw his character, he and Mia seemed open to a romantic relationship but planned to take things slow. During a Q&A for Entertainment Weekly in 2016, Pine was asked, “Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3?” To which he replied, cheekily, “Have you been reading my diary?”

That's not the only familiar face keen on making a comeback. You might remember Mandy Moore as the mean-girl cheerleader Lana from the first film, who most notably sang a rendition of "Stupid Cupid": “If I’m going to be involved, I would be down for a cameo—maybe she could make amends with Mia and apologize for being a bully when she was younger," Moore said. "She was insecure, going through a difficult time in her life, and [has now] reflected on why that wasn’t okay.”

When appearing on People Now in February 2019, Moore was asked what she would hope to see for her character Lana. “I would like to see if life kicked down a few pegs because she was the bully in school [if she comes back]," she said. "I’d like to see her is life has come full circle and maybe she’s a little more, well, humble. I would be down!”

As for the character of Lily Moscovitz, played by Heather Matarazzo, fans could expect Mia's bestie to return for the third film as well. “If Annie and Julie are down, of course," Matarazzo said of returning for the next film.

Someone call Julie Andrews, and let's get this party started.

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