Julie Andrews Has a Surprising Take on the 'Princess Diaries 3' Rumors

Say it isn't so, Queen Clarisse!

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It's been almost 20 years since The Princess Diaries 2 hit theaters, but many fans still hope the classic films will become a trilogy. And Queen Clarisse herself has weighed in on the Princess Diaries 3 discussion.

In a Today interview published Thursday, the Oscar winner said she's "been asked that so many times" when asked about the possibility of a third movie.

"I may be wrong, but I think it’s been shelved now … It's quite a long time now since the two Diaries were done, and I'm not sure, but sometimes it's best to leave a good thing alone," Andrews said to the outlet. "I don't like it when people milk and milk and milk the subject, you know, 'til it's dead."

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The actress makes a fair point—the first two films are so beloved that a lackluster third installment wouldn't make anyone happy. But her "all's well that ends well" attitude might come as a surprise. As recently as 2022, there were reports a Princess Diaries 3 script was in the works. And at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, Anne Hathaway said she was "thrilled" about the fan response to a potential third movie.

Still, this isn't the first time Andrews has hinted a third movie likely won't happen. In 2022, she told The Hollywood Reporter that "it would be too late to do it now." 

"I am that much older, and Annie the princess, or queen, is so much older," she said to Access Hollywood that same year. "And I am not sure where it would float or run."

Of course, there's also the fact that Garry Marshall, who directed the first two movies, died in 2016. While plenty of other directors could take the helm, it might be best to do as Andrews suggests and "leave a good thing alone."

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