Apple Martin is Giving Us Early '00s Gwyneth Paltrow Vibes

Everything old is new again!

Apple Martin in 2023
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Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow is gooped to see her daughter recreating her own iconic fashion moments? Probably not, but only because we doubt she understands what that slang currently means to people. If she did, though, she would be. Because we're having deja vu right now looking at her child Apple Martin, who has basically become a tiny version of the elder actor-turned-GOOP-CEO. It must be wild to see your child turn into a tiny version of yourself, especially when there are so many images on the internet with which to compare them.

At least, that was our first instinct seeing the latest photos of Apple Martin out and about, running around like Gwyneth Paltrow circa 1998-2004, right down to the damn newsboy cap atop her head.

Apple Martin in 2023

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Just look at Apple, photographed above, a few days ago. Not to sound like a true elder millennial, but girlie is straight-up cosplaying as her mother during, arguably, Gwyneth's most influential era. And given the inherent nostalgia that plagues any person who was a teen during that time, it simultaneously horrifies and delights us. Are we really that old? (Yes, we are.)

But also we're sort of living for it all: The ankle-length denim, the visible white socks, and all-black everything else? The blonde hair? Those SUNGLASSES? Is there a young Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt running around somewhere? Are you sure they aren't hiding in some bushes over there? Trying to escape the paparazzi in front of The Ivy?


gwyneth paltrow 2003

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I'm sorry, but this is very much giving that "they're the same picture!" meme of Pam from The Office.

In the above photo from 2003, Paltrow is seen wearing a similar style: newsboy cap and black overcoat with a t-shirt. She wasn't wearing jeans at the time—the photos were taken at the opening of a Stella McCartney store and required a full-on fancy pant—but you cannot tell us she didn't also have a pair of pants identical to Apple's that would have looked fabulous with this fit. So just trust us and imagine it.

Anyone else sorta dying to see Apple take on a few more of her mother's iconic looks? That pink Oscars dress could be a moment, just sayin', girl.

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