Ayo Edebiri Reveals The Secret Selfie Carson Daly Left on Her Phone After She Won an Emmy

"You’re the greatest and I feel like we’re bonded for life."

Ayo Edebiri revealed the secret selfie Carson Daly left on her phone during the Emmys.
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It was all fun and games between Ayo Edebiri and Carson Daly at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards.

During a TODAY segment on Wednesday, Jan. 17, Daly confessed to having a little bit of fun after Edebiri asked him to hold her belongings so she could accept her Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance in the hit show The Bear.

"Ayo’s phone though—it was locked of course, but I was able to get into the camera," he said. "I may have left her a little Easter egg. If she checks her camera, I don’t know ... maybe that will be there, we’ll see."

The TODAY co-host ended up holding The Bear star's purse, iPhone and digital camera for what he says was close to an hour and while she accepted her award and then went backstage to speak to the press.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Ayo Edebiri, The Bear, accepts her award onstage during the 75th Emmy Awards.

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On Thursday, Jan. 18, Edebiri sent Daly a sweet message via his TODAY co-hosts, along with the very "Easter egg selfie" Carson confessed to taking alongside his wife, Siri.

"Carson!! (And Siri!) My voice is gone right now or I’d make a video but thank you so much for guarding my stuff with your life but more importantly for this AMAZING selfie," Edebiri wrote in the message sent to the former MTV television host. "You’re the greatest and I feel like we’re bonded for life? OKAY THANK YOU FOREVER."

"Thank you for that, Ayo," Carson said in response and live on TODAY. "Congratulations again."

Carson dished on the moment he was handed the Emmy-winner's belongings, telling his co-hosts that after Edebiri was announced as the winner she ended up turning him into "some kind of accidental gif."

"She stood up, she was stunned, I was sitting next to her, we have never met, and she turned to me and said: 'Would you mind holding my stuff?'" he explained. "I said: 'Yes, of course, I got you.' Then I guess she went backstage and happened to mention it as well."

Backstage, Edebiri told reporters that she hoped Daly "still has my stuff."

"If my stuff is gone when I get back to my seat, I know that Carson Daly took it," she said.

"Well, I held it!" Dayl told his TODAY co-hosts—secret selfie and all.

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