Britney Spears Admits She Cheated on Justin Timberlake in Bombshell Memoir

She made out with Wade Robson.

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears
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Britney Spears has admitted to cheating on Justin Timberlake during their three-year relationship in the early 2000s.

Spears writes in her highly anticipated memoir, The Woman in Me, that on one occasion while she and Timberlake were going out, she danced and made out with choreographer Wade Robson at a Spanish bar, according to an exclusive report by Us Weekly.

Spears explained in the book that she and the NSYNC alum "agreed to move past" this incident.

There have been many rumors over the years about Spears' infidelity, spurred on in large part by Justin Timberlake's song, and video for, "Cry Me a River." The lyrics include the words, "You don't have to say / What you did / I already know / I found out from him." In the music video, Timberlake's character breaks into a Spears-like figure's home and films himself going at it with another woman, presumably as revenge.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake during their relationship

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The "Toxic" singer addressed the controversial music video head-on in The Woman in Me, describing it, incredibly, as "a woman who looks like me cheats on him and he wanders around sad in the rain," as per People. I don't know the whole story and I want to be as fair as I can to both parties, but I can't help but be obsessed with how accurate yet how scathing she managed to be in just that one little sentence.

The singer also addressed how damaging the video was to her reputation, and how disproportionate the backlash was. She wrote that it made her look like a "harlot who'd broken the heart of America's golden boy," even though she was, in her own words, actually "comatose in Louisiana, and he was happily running around Hollywood."

Elsewhere in her shock memoir, Spears also accused Timberlake of cheating on her with another celebrity, and revealed that she had an abortion during their relationship, due to Timberlake not being ready to have children.

The Woman in Me is out Oct. 24.

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