David Duchovny Says He Would Have "Loved to Have Done More" on 'Sex and the City'

The actor appeared in one episode of the hit HBO show during Season 6.

Kristin Davis and David Duchovny.
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X Files star David Duchovny wishes his brief stint on the hit HBO show Sex and the City wasn't, well, so brief.

In a recent and exclusive interview with People, Duchovny waxed nostalgic about his cameo appearance on the iconic series during Season 6, episode 10, aptly titled "Boy Interrupted."

In the episode, Duchovny plays Jeremy, Carrie Bradshaw's high school sweetheart. Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, reconnects with Jeremy by happenstance, but like many of Carrie's romantic endeavors the timing is off—she quickly realizes Jeremy is seeking treatment at an inpatient psychiatric facility.

Carrie tries to rekindle the romance, in true Carrie fashion, but ultimately Duchovny's character makes the executive decision that it's best the pair go their separate ways while he remains in treatment.

“We had talked about doing more and never ended up doing it,” Duchovny told the publication when discussing the possibility of extending his character's storyline so he could have had a more recurring role on the series.

“I would've loved to have done more of that show," he added.

Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. 1999 Paramount Pictures.

Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. 1999 Paramount Pictures.

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Duchovny went on to praise his brief, on-screen Sex and the City girlfriend, telling the publication that the pair "had an immediate, easy working rhythm."

"I loved working with Sarah," he explained.

Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie, certainly had her fair share of less-than-desirable dating prospects throughout the show's history-making 6 seasons. While fans have ranked the gentlemen in Carrie's life from best to worst over the years, Parker herself has her own idea as to who was Carrie's most garbage boyfriend. (Hint: It's not Duchovny's character.)

"I think Berger is probably the person that was probably least good for Carrie," Parker told Access Hollywood in a previous interview. "But that's not the actor—that's the character, as written, as beautifully played. So that would be, if I was forced, I would say that Berger was probably the least successful in some ways." 

For the uninitiated, Berger—played by Ron Livingston—was ridiculously jealous of Carrie's writing career and ultimately broke up with her via a Post-It note.

Kristin Davis and David Duchovny.

Kristin Davis and David Duchovny.

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In addition to wishing he could have enjoyed a more recurring role on Sex and the City, Duchovny had high praise for his former co-star Minnie Driver, who he starred alongside in the 2000 rom-com Return to Me.

“I loved working with Minnie. She's got a huge heart, and that comes through in her work,” he recalled at the time. “She's very funny, very talented and underused, I think.”

The actor also dished on what it was like to work alongside Meg Ryan in the 2023 romantic comedy What Happens Later.

“The first night of shooting, I did a take, and I just remember thinking, ‘Oh god, yeah, Meg Ryan is super charming,'" he said. “I don't say that lightly. I'm in the deepest sense of just like: 'Geez, she's pulling me into an orbit here.’”

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