Drew Barrymore Wins the Day as the Proud New (Temporary) Owner of the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Couch

Yeah. That couch.

Drew Barrymore and Chrissy Teigen on the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Couch
(Image credit: CBS)

Jeremy Allen White—how shall we put it—took our breath away in a recent Calvin Klein ad that he costarred in alongside a couch that nobody really noticed because we were paying attention to White’s…hair. The couch served as a prop piece during White’s recent underwear campaign for the brand and is now colloquially known as the JAWCKC (short for the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Couch, naturally).

Jeremy Allen White for Calvin Klein

The couch of all couches, the JAWCKC

(Image credit: Mert Alas for Calvin Klein)

The JAWCKC recently made headlines—not just for its proximity to beauty in the form of White, but because it was casually for sale on Facebook Marketplace like it wasn’t a historical artifact or something. The owner of the couch sold it to Fernanda Clark, who wrote to the couch’s owner describing that she had recently moved to New York City following the death of her husband. Now, Clark has loaned the JAWCKC to one Drew Barrymore, who brought Clark on her eponymous talk show to discuss how she ended up with the piece.

“You deserve every good thing that is falling into place and comes your way and maybe as you get to live with this couch it will bring you positive energy,” Barrymore told Clark, grabbing a nearby Jeremy Allen White cardboard cutout and laying it across the couch. “Welcome to your new chapter!”

Also in the episode, Barrymore and guest Chrissy Teigen posed on the legendary couch with the cardboard cutout, fully giving the reddish/burnt orange corduroy couch the respect it so deserves. “We have the most coveted couch on planet Earth right now,” Barrymore said. “It is the actual one from the Calvin Klein shoot with hottie Jeremy Allen White. The couch. The one! Should we do a little girl talking on the infamous couch?”

Drew Barrymore and Chrissy Teigen on the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Couch

Barrymore and Teigen (and a White cardboard cutout) celebrate the JAWCKC on a recent episode of Barrymore's talk show

(Image credit: CBS)

Teigen opened up about her mom, Pepper, who moved to Thailand and is looking to date again following her divorce from Teigan’s father, Ron, in 2020. Naturally, the conversation shifted back to the couch: “Speaking of getting one’s groove back, I feel like everybody got some groove put back into their soul on this couch with Jeremy Allen White,” Barrymore said. “It’s a vintage couch and it’s generated over 35 million views. It generated also $12.7 million in media exposure in just two days, and this couch is being sought after and it’s, like, we’re sitting on it. I mean, it makes me want to pose.”

She added “Wait, by the way, how should I pose on this couch?” as she stood up and walked behind it. As Teigen laid down, Barrymore “climbed on top and did a superhero pose,” Entertainment Weekly reports, before jokingly adding “I’m not sure what this is doing for anybody.”

Bringing joy, Drew—that’s what you and the JAWCKC are doing.

Rachel Burchfield
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