Woman to Watch: Jordana Spiro

The 31-year-old New York native stars in the new season of the TBS summer treat My Boys, playing PJ, a Chicago sportswriter and the lone dame in her wisecracking, beer-loving crew.

HER SHTICK: The levelheaded blonde-next-door with an irresistible Goldie Hawn glow.

AS SEEN IN: Alone with HerMust Love Dogs

CASUAL DRINKER: "I'm like PJ in that I'm not super high-maintenance," says Spiro of her tomboy alter ego. "But she could certainly drink me under the table any day of the week."

SISTER ACT: "I'm one of five; I have three sisters, so I've always had three best girlfriends. Actually, I'm the middle child, so it's no surprise I went into acting! There's a need to be seen."

HEAD OF THE CLASS: "I'm passionate about travel," says Spiro, who taught English for three months in a village in Tanzania in 2005. "I'm in awe of the AIDS workers in Africa who teach there, year in and year out. That experience changed my life."

NEW YORK STATE OF MIND: "I recently moved back to Manhattan because I missed being able to walk around. In L.A., your car is a second home."

CHECKMATE: "I used to play chess when I was a kid and participate in national-level tournaments with the geekiest guys. This one time, I was losing terribly, so I batted my eyelashes and flirted as I asked for a draw. My dad just couldn't believe it. He thought, What have I created, a floozy? But it worked!"