Jelly Roll Reveals He Only Wears His Socks Once: "Don't Judge Me for This, Y'all"

This is the cutest bad habit I've ever heard of.

Jelly Roll at the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards from Ford Center at The Star on May 11, 2023 in Frisco, Texas.
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Jelly Roll has admitted his dirty secret—but it's not so dirty after all.

On the ACM Awards red carpet last week, the country superstar was asked about his latest Amazon purchase, which he said was socks.

"Listen, can I tell you a frivolous habit I have?" he asked Sabrina From Queens. "Don't judge me for this, y'all, I promise I grew up very humble... but I only wear socks once. I buy socks in bulk."

When the interviewer's jaw dropped to the floor at this admission, Jelly Roll said, "I know! It's the most frivolous thing I've done with my success, and I'm sorry, and I hope I didn't let nobody down with that."

He quipped, "But when you're fat, you can't have stinky feet too, so you gotta have fresh socks."

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Obviously, Jelly Roll isn't ~proud~ of this niche little habit of his, but fans appeared to think it was hilarious—not to mention inspired.

"Most humble man in the world until it comes to his socks," wrote one person.

"Literally my husband would do this too. He says if he hits the lottery, he’ll have a fresh pair of socks everyday," said someone else.

"i didn’t know i had sock goals until now," added another.

Now, nobody is saying you should try this at home, but on the scale of celebrity bad habits—say, using a private jet for utterly drivable distances, or being rude to waitstaff—I think we can let this one slide.

The reason Jelly Roll is able to treat himself to a fresh pair of socks every day is that he has risen to incredible success in country music over the past couple of years. His hit "Need a Favor" spent 52 weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, and he is constantly setting records at country awards shows.

The singer is also beloved for his honesty and vulnerability, as well as for his famously sweet nature. Frankly, he deserves his socks.

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