Jon Hamm Got Married Where the 'Mad Men' Series Finale Was Filmed

It's a significant location for the couple.

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to marry Jon Hamm, or are you normal? Or, better still, are you Anna Osceola and actually got to live out the dream of many humans on planet Earth? Because if so, mazel tov on your beautiful day (and thanks for reading)! If not, allow us to rain our your mental parade (sorry) with the details of the two actors’ special day—made all the more magical thanks to the location.

“We did it this summer in beautiful Big Sur, it was a perfect day. It was very sparsely attended, by our decision. Man, it was great,” Hamm explained to his buddy Jimmy Kimmel on the latter’s talk show

“It only took half a century, so I figured might as well get it right,” he added.

And get it right he did: the couple chose the stunning Anderson Canyon area to get hitched. The cliffside area of Big Sur, California, isn’t just nice to look at, though: it’s also the location where Hamm and Osceola met while filming the series finale of Mad Men

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“We got married on a cliff and we chose to walk the right way,” Hamm joked. 

And yes, the people who own the private location (that is rarely open to the public or for rent, it seems) gave them a discount on their nuptials, Hamm explained. The couple probably did not need it, financially speaking, but the fact not only impressed Kimmel, but likely Hamm and Osceola’s celebrity friends, too—like TIna Fey, Paul Rudd, and John Slattery, and Billy Crudup, Hamm’s Morning Show co-star—who attended the ceremony on June 24.

The location is also near the Esalen Institute, which not only served as inspiration for the retreat Don Draper went on in the final episode of the iconic AMC series, but is also home to its own fascinating history. According to its website, Esalen is “the birthplace of the Human Potential Movement” back in 1962. Much like the retreat Draper goes to in the finale, Esalen is considered “a creative laboratory, an incubator of human potential asking the daring and curious questions that traditional university and religious institutions can’t and/or won’t.”

Anderson Canyon is also home to the architecturally significant Staude Residence, as well as several farms and baths, and the Henry Miller library up the street.

Many congratulations to the happy couple! Now who wants to pay for us to visit this gorgeous place?

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