Kate Hudson Had the Most Awkward Moment With an Interviewer on the Oscars Red Carpet

"Um, I've never won an Oscar."

Kate Hudson at the Oscars
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Look: There's a lot going on at the Oscars red carpet. If I were up there trying to think on my feet, surrounded by A-list celebrities and breathtaking evening gowns, I'd probably flub a line or two as well. But even with that in mind, I dare you not to laugh over a particularly awkward moment on the Oscars red carpet: when an ABC interviewer exclaimed, "Kate! You know what it's like to win an Oscar..."

The problem? Kate Hudson has never won an Oscar. Which Kate Hudson pointed out. "Um," she said. "I've never won an Oscar."

Kate Hudson at the OScars


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"But I've been nominated!" she continued kindly. "I'm sure it's amazing."

Please, enjoy the moment for yourself:

In 2001, Hudson was nominated for an Oscar in her role in Almost Famous. Her mom's partner, Kurt Russell, told her at the time: “Something Kurt said to me at the Oscars after I lost [was], ‘Congratulations. You can now go have your career,’" she shared in a 2017 interview.