Kate Middleton Absolutely Sleighed Her Christmas Piano Solo at Westminster Abbey

Is there anything this woman can't do perfectly?

Kate middleton christmas
(Image credit: Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cambridge definitely seems like that friend we all have—the one who’s not only extremely beautiful, but also kind, generous, smart, and talented. You know the one. You want to hate them because of those things, but then they’re so sweet and considerate toward you that you actually can’t. And in true That Friend fashion, Kate Middleton just blew the roof off the place with her first-ever piano solo for a Christmas community carol service at Westminster Abbey.

Accompanying pop star Tom Walker as he sang his melancholy new Christmas tune, “For Those Who Can’t Be Here,” Kate’s playing was, of course, perfect—subtle, not overly attention-grabbing, and flawlessly executed. Check out the video:

The event, officially called Royal Carols: Together at Christmas, was hosted by Duchess Kate and served as a thank you to the myriad people who have given back to their communities during the pandemic.

Per Express UK, Kate had initially approached Walker about performing at the event, but it wasn’t until after they had spent some time “jamming together” that the musical collab came together. Kate jams, you guys.

According to Australian publication ABC Net, the Duchess has been playing the piano since she was a kid, and started lessons when she was eleven. However, she eventually moved on to focus on singing and flute after a few years of lessons. It’s unclear whether she continued practicing throughout adulthood, but from her performance it seems like she’s been staying sharp.

And according to Walker, she “smashed it.”

Everything about this is classic Kate Middleton. I’d say she’s making the rest of us mortals look bad, but she’d probably apologize for it.

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