Kim Kardashian Deleted a Photo After People Noticed Some Pretty Terrible Photoshopping

Who approved this...

Kim Kardashian spoils Spider-Man
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The Kardashians and Photoshop fails: Name a better duo, I'll wait. (Yes, I know I'm betraying my age with that meme.)

Kim Kardashian, having clearly not learned her lesson, let yet another terrible Photoshop job slip through the cracks and directly onto her Instagram page. Unfortunately for her, this is an instance when having 282 million followers doesn't exactly work in her favor.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, said followers wasted no time pointing out that one of the photos in a recent gallery she posted, where she's posing on the beach, made her leg look—ahem—interesting.

In the photo, one of her calves is completely out of proportion with her thigh, not to mention much smaller than her second calf. See for yourself below:

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

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Even though this photo has since been deleted, members of the "KUWTK" subreddit had an absolute field day with this one.

"I wonder if she was trying to fix the shadow and didn’t even notice the lower leg. Such an unimportant body part!" quipped one person. "That warp fail on the last photo tho," head-shaked someone else. "Dude the calf!!! Hahahp," another user laughed.

But don't worry, Kim Kardashian didn't leave her loyal fans without some #kontent. She reposted the exact same bikini pic gallery without the incriminating picture, and with the caption, "long time no sea." Haha.

Even though these other photos are much better, commenters still weren't entirely certain that there had been no photo-editing-software funny business. "Whats happening to the calf in last pic lol," wrote one person. Guess we'll never know.

If you found this amusing, let me direct you to some other fun Kardashian Photoshop fails:

Never a boring day in Kardashian-land.

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