King Charles Told Dominic West to "Do What You Like" When Playing Him on 'The Crown'

Well, well, well.

King Charles III
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Dominic West has what has been described as a "personal connection" with King Charles, which caused him to think twice about accepting to play him on the upcoming seasons of The Crown.

Once he decided to take the role on, West offered to resign as an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, Charles' foundation, to avoid any possible conflicts of interest, the actor revealed to Radio Times.

But Charles, via his private secretary, sent West a letter telling him he didn't need to resign. The letter said something along the lines of, "You do what you like, you’re an actor. It’s nothing to do with us."

West told the publication, "I think that’s probably how [Charles] regards it. I’ve been in a line to shake his hand a few times and it’s fascinating. It’s very useful to meet the character you’re playing, obviously."

In the interview, West also revealed that Queen Camilla jokingly called him "Your Majesty" at a party they were both attending in 2021, poking fun at his casting as her husband.

There is a lot of drama surrounding The Crown's upcoming season, as it prepares to cover some of the more difficult events in the lives of the Royal Family. Many public figures and royal sources have spoken out about their concerns for the show's accuracy, including Dame Judi Dench and former British Prime Minister John Major.

Charles himself once stressed to a group of assembled Members of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, "I’m nowhere near how they portray me on Netflix."

It remains to be seen whether he feels more aligned with West's portrayal of him.

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