Lizzy Caplan Is "So On Board" With Lindsay Lohan's Comeback, Would Definitely Join a 'Mean Girls' Reboot

Janis Ian is in, folks.

Lindsay Lohan and Lizzy Caplan
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I honestly don't know what more Tina Fey needs to start planning a new Mean Girls movie. (I'm JK, I'm sure she's working on tons of amazing stuff and is very busy.)

Anyway, what I mean is that, like, half the cast of Mean Girls has now said they'd be down to either film a reboot or reunite with Lindsay Lohan for a project, amid the latter's return to acting. All they need now is for Fey to write a fetch new script, and we'll be golden.

The latest Mean Girls star to admit she'd do a sequel to the cult teen movie if asked is Lizzy Caplan, who starred as the unforgettable "art freak" Janis Ian, one of Cady Heron's first friends when she starts at North Shore High.

“Of course I would want to be a part of it; I would be an idiot not to join," Caplan said in a new interview with Grazia USA, whose cover she graces as the star of new mini-series Fleishman Is in Trouble.

Still, the actress said that she doesn't think we necessarily need a sequel at this point. "But to me it feels like Mean Girls had a really good beginning, middle and end. I don’t know what’s left of the story," she explained.

All this talk of bringing back Mean Girls has emerged as Lohan made her big return to the small screen with Netflix' Falling for Christmas.

Lohan herself (Cady Heron) and Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners) have both said they'd probably do it, while Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels) said he'd love to film a Christmas movie with Lohan.

Meanwhile, Caplan is super supportive of her former costar. "I am so on board with this return of Lindsay Lohan," she told Grazia.

"I’m just pumped. She was such an incredible talent when she was working as a kid and a young adult so I’m happy to see that she’s coming back."

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