No One on 'Jeopardy' Knows Who Machine Gun Kelly Is

I’ll take "awkward silence" for $800, Alex.

Machine Gun Kelly
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Whether you’re a fan of his music or simply can’t look away from his relationship with Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly is a pretty well-known dude—unless you’re a contestant on Jeopardy, that is. 

The “Bloody Valentine” singer was the answer (or question, technically) to an $800 clue on Jeopardy this week, which appeared under the category “MUSICAL 3-INITALers.” The category was all about—you guessed it—musicians with three-initial names.

“The stage name of this rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK,” co-host Ken Jennings read, as a picture of the musician appeared on the screen.

And then? Silence.

When none of the contestants buzzed it, the “stumper” triple beep sounded, meaning the time to answer the clue had elapsed. “No fans of Machine Gun Kelly, apparently,” Jennings quipped.

A video of the game show moment was shared on Twitter on Tuesday evening, and it has since gone viral—mainly because people can’t believe none of the contestants recognized MGK.

Fans have been re-sharing the video with some truly delightful responses. “Me if I went on Jeopardy and all of the questions were about Machine Gun Kelly,” one user tweeted, along with a photo of Cardi B surrounded by piles of cash.

“Me: *screaming* WHO IS MACHINE GUN KELLY,” another fan wrote alongside the video clip.

There were some people who absolutely adored the situation, however. “They showed a picture of Machine gun Kelly to 3 intellectuals on jeopardy tonight and said who is this man. Silence. The earth is healing,” tweeted user @slev927.

Machine Gun Kelly has yet to respond to the viral video. Maybe he’s too busy collecting more of Megan Fox’s blood for his necklace?

Caitlin Morton
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