Macy Gray Says Britney Spears Once Skateboarded Into Her Recording Session


Macy Gray and Britney Spears
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Macy Gray is a huge, longtime Britney Spears fan, but the two women never quite struck up a friendship.

Appearing on Australian talk show The Project ahead of a concert in Hobart, Tasmania, Gray opened up about listening to Spears' music—particularly the album Blackout—to pump herself up before her shows.

Because this is such a known fact about Gray, the presenters asked her if she's ever met the "Toxic" singer, which she confirmed she had once while they were both in the same recording studio.

"We were in the same studio once, and she skateboarded into my session. Literally," the "I Try" singer said.

"She was in the room down the hall, and we looked up and all of a sudden she was skating into our room. And then we talked for a little bit and we didn't really, like, hit it off."

She went on to explain why the meeting turned a little awkward.

"I'm still a groupie to this day. I'm sitting there with Britney Spears, you know, and I kinda stuttered," she said. "I didn't know what to say. And she kinda rolled her eyes. Whatever I said, she was kind of annoyed by it and she left."

Gray then quipped, "She rolled her eyes and she rolled out!"

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None of this put Gray off Spears, who called Blackout the "best album ever," and called out "Radar" as her favorite song. She said that listening to the record was kind of like coffee to her, and gave her that "let's go!" energy she needs before playing a show.

Gray is on tour through Australia until July 13, and will be performing in Cary, North Carolina, on Aug. 30, followed by Florence, Kentucky, on Aug. 31. You can find tickets via Ticketmaster or Stubhub.

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