Martha Stewart Says She Doesn't Wear Underwear—But She Has a Good Reason for It

Like, fair enough.

Martha Stewart
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Martha Stewart is a role model in many an area: cooking, hosting, lifestyle, business, aging powerfully. Still, something tells me her undergarment habits may not be the right fit for everyone.

Speaking candidly to Page Six at a recent charity event named the "Old Bags Luncheon," which benefits the Center for Family Services Palm Beach County, the mogul explained that she swaps your average underwear out for a different item of clothing.

"I like bathing suits. I like wearing bathing suits under my clothes just in case I want to go swimming," she explained, which—when you think about it—makes a lot of sense for someone with easy access to various bodies of water like Stewart.

"Bathing suits are my underwear," she continued. "I don’t wear any of that structured stuff. No tight lace, no SKIMS for Martha. But I love SKIMS. I think they serve a very good purpose—but I don’t wear those. I only wear Eres bathing suits under my clothes."

FYI for the uninitiated, Eres is a super luxe lingerie and swimwear brand, adding an extra reason why this habit of Stewart's may not be for everyone.

Stewart then obviously felt a little sheepish, because she asked, "Is Kim Kardashian going to be mad at me? No, she won’t be mad at me. She knows I don’t wear SKIMS." Besides, I don't know if you've heard, but any publicity is good publicity, right?

The world was already well aware of Stewart's affinity for swimwear, since at 81 last year, she became the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue's oldest ever cover star. Clearly, she was the correct choice.

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