Martha Stewart Responds to Constant Speculation About Plastic Surgery

Not that it's any of y'all's business!

Martha Stewart during an interview on Tuesday, December 19, 2023.
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Martha Stewart, 82, looks frickin' amazing, obviously.

Because of this, people are constantly speculating about whether the media mogul has had plastic surgery—to which her previous response has been "I’ve had absolutely no plastic surgery whatsoever."

Now, though, Stewart has opened up about which (nonsurgical) cosmetic procedures she has had done.

On a recent episode of The Martha Stewart Podcast, the celebrity chef spoke to her cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dan Belkin, who helped her set the record straight about how she stays looking so radiant.

Martha Stewart at an event

Martha Stewart looks radiant at 82.

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"Why don't we talk about what you do for me?" the host told her guest. "Because everybody is so interested when they see a selfie of me posted on the internet, so many comments are about my facelift, and who did it, and when did I have it done, and all this, and how much retouching is on the photograph, and I just wanna set the record straight."

Dr. Belkin told her, "I think you're a real testament to the idea that taking care of your body, taking care of your skin, doing sort of minimally invasive treatments conservatively and regularly can keep you looking beautiful at any age."

The doctor explained that he uses "botox-like products" to "reduce downward pull" on Stewart's face and reduce "banding on the neck." He added that they had tried using botox on Stewart's upper face, but that this ended up looking "unnatural," so they now stick to the lower half of her face.

The dermatologist also explained that he uses filler "conservatively" on Stewart's cheeks to keep them plump and elastic, plus laser to help reverse sun damage and even the skin tone, and ultrasound tightening.

Stewart complements all these procedures with a regimented skincare practice, as she told Marie Claire as part of our Doing Well series last year.

"A normal beauty day, which is my regular work day, starts at 5:45," she told us. "I take my shower, wash my face really well, and slather myself with Cle de Peau lotion and apply my Clarins deodorant, which I love. I put on my face serums—usually a vitamin C from Mario Badescu and a peptide one from Alastin. I’ll do a tinted moisturizer mixed with Cle de Peau moisturizer or serum and that will be my foundation for the day."

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