This Spotify Playlist Is The Soundtrack to Your Premenstrual Life

"Songs you need to hear on those days when you cannot stop crying, eating, or yelling at the ones who deserve it the least."

no strings attached period mix
(Image credit: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Just when you thought Spotify couldn't get more hyper-specific than "Mississippi-Chicago Round-trip," they come out with a playlist just for women suffering through that time of the month when Aunt Flow comes to visit.

Sophia Olofsson, Spotify employee and sympathetic uterine-lining-shedder, has thoughtfully created The PMS Playlist, two hours and 57 minutes of mopey/girl-powery/sweary goodness.

As Olofsson told The Cut, the 49-tune collection very considerately contains nothing "too cheeky or loud or cheesy." Instead, it vacillates between songs promoting self-love and songs whose singers contemplate questionable behavior. (Because, you know, under the influence of ovaries.)

Should you have the need for your very own Period Mix ( la No Strings Attached), Spotify's gift to womankind is available below.

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