Justin Bieber Undresses Onstage at Fashion Rocks, Goes After Title 'The Body'

He's gunning for you, Elle Macpherson.

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There are two things all sentient beings know: 1) when a large gathering of people expresses displeasure at your being there, you quietly slink away; and 2) never, ever strip down to your skivvies when Lara Stone is in the vicinity.

Only in Justin Bieber World would violating both those rules make sense, which still doesn't fully account for why the ostensible gym rat did what he did at Tuesday night's Fashion Rocks event.

Boos greeted Bieber as he walked onstage with the Dutch supermodel, according to the Daily Mail. So instead of gritting his teeth and scooting off as soon as his presenting duties were over, JB started disrobing until he was down to his Calvins. He continued by pulling poses from his limited repertoire, including the sorority-girl skinny arm and the Cogsworth.

Oh, Bieber. Too bad we can't deal with you like this all the time: mostly silent and from the chin down only.

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