Beyoncé Had New Costumes, New Special Guests for Coachella Weekend 2

Beyoncé crushed it a second week in a row at Coachella, with special appearances by Solange, Destiny's Child, and Jay Z.

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Beyoncé returned to the Coachella stage last night to headline the annual music festival's second weekend. Her performance last weekend was hailed as Beychella, because didn't just take over, but redefined Coachella.

Once again, Beyoncé owned the stage and captivated the audience. Sadly, this time, that audience was limited to the people who actually went to Coachella. Unlike last week, this performance wasn't streamed. Thankfully, fans (including famous ones like Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens) shared praise and footage from the show.

Alba shared a gallery of photos and videos from the show on her Instagram:

Hudgens, on the other hand, went with a 'gram that summed up how the show made her ~feel~:

After her groundbreaking, 26-song set last weekend, there was speculation that Queen Bey would change the game all over again this week with an entirely new set list and show. Tweets from people who attended the show, however, confirm that the songs she performed were largely the same as last week. She did change up her costumes, however, and welcomed a new guest to the stage: J Balvin, who belted out "Migente" with Bey.

Beyoncé still brought out her sister, Solange Knowles, her old bandmates from Destiny's Child, and her husband, Jay Z, as special guests for the show.

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Ultimately, the biggest change from weekend one were the costumes, which ALL changed. Beyoncé herself had four new looks and her backup dancers' yellow outfits were changed to pink. Destiny's Child, Solange, and Jay Z's looks were also different. The looks came courtesy of Balmain again, and the brand's creative director, Olivier Rousteing, showed them off on Instagram:

The reign of Beychella continues.

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