Jersey Shore: Music for Fist Pumping

As the new season of Jersey Shore premieres, get ready to battle the beats with these club-ready songs.

Jersey Shore
(Image credit: Courtesy of Ultra Records)

About six months ago, I started being besieged in the clubs by folks asking for "fist-pumping" music. Having never seen The Jersey Shore, I couldn't figure out how so many folks had suddenly gotten into beat-driven techno.

The folks at Ultra Records are savvier than I am, though, and are capitalizing on the trend by releasing a Jersey Shore mix album.

There are a handful of these albums, actually. But, the Ultra one is the best of the bunch.

Namely, the fist-pumping requests I've been fielding recently seem to be rooted in a playful sense of irony. But, once the songs drop and the fists come out, things generally progress from a sort of shared joke to genuine rocking.

Similarly, Ultra's taken what could have been a quick attempt to cash in on Jersey Shore mania and, instead, put together a fairly epic club mix. And, they didn't scrimp on talent either, blending a host of tracks from Benny Benassi, Fedde Le Grand, Robbie Rivera & Deadmau5.

In all, it's a sharp album — even if you're not a part of the GTL set. And you can check it out below.

[image id='21508cf4-dd91-4cad-97fb-630b9ca01d07' mediaId='52563646-18c0-4253-a657-ee44c9ad21b1' loc='C'][/image]

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