This Is What Happens When You Grope Someone at a Beyoncé Concert

You're going to get bitten.

beyonce and jay z on the run
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Beyoncé brings out a lot of excitement in people. We get it. An explosion of emotion is understandable if you're about to see her in concert—to a point. When there's that much anticipation in a room (or a giant football stadium), things can turn ugly quickly. Such was the case for the latest stop on Beyoncé and Jay Z's On The Run tour in Pasadena, California at the Rose Bowl Stadium. The stage wasn't the only spot that saw some serious activity. After a man was caught allegedly groping a female concert-goer (by none other than her boyfriend), said boyfriend took matters into his own hands—or more aptly, mouth. He bit off the supposed groper's finger, sending him to the hospital. But that's not all—ten people were arrested in total during the concert, but their charges (eight for public drunkenness and two for scalping tickets) were a lot less meaty than both the groping and the finger biting.

Obviously, sexual assault is never okay. It's even more of a head-scratcher that these kind of things happen during a concert that makes a point to acknowledge the importance of equal rights. Maybe it was Beyoncé's monologue about feminism that impassioned the finger biter to take such drastic measures.


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