You Can Now Be Beyoncé for $295

Because her dad said so.

Beyonce's Dad
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Let's face it: No matter who you are, at some point in your life, you've probably (most definitely) wanted to be Beyoncé. Now, thanks to Mr. Knowles himself, that dream is now achievable. Beyoncé's father and former manager is teaching a community college course in Queen Bey's hometown of Houston that will teach students how to break into the ever-elusive entertainment industry with his new class, "The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?" for $295 if you pay in advance or $350 at the door.

Okay, so the day-long "bootcamp" course is more about learning the business than it is teaching you the dance moves to Single Ladies. What it does do is try to equip you with the tools needed to break into the entertainment industry, courtesy of the man who helped his daughter become an international superstar. And it's not just for aspiring pop stars, either. The class covers every facet of the entertainment industry, from entertainers themselves to fashion stylists and even sound technicians, and accountants.

If you're wondering why the father of a woman whose already brought in $115 million as of June this year is resorting to teaching community college classes to bring in the dough, there's a reason. Papa Knowles is currently estranged from Mrs. Carter after accusations that he embezzled from her and other artists he managed. For those of you who are interested in taking the "boot camp" class, prepare for it to be full-on, military style harshness. Matthew Knowles is legendary for how strict he was with the ladies of Destiny's Child, demanding intense, tear-inducing training sessions with the girls.

While we'd love a class all about emulating Queen Bey, we know that what it takes to be Beyoncé cannot be taught. If you've got a killer bod, an insane amount of confidence and larger-than-life talent, then you're probably about halfway there (there's just an innate Beyoncé-ness that only she can capture). But hey, if his tactics helped Beyoncé to become even a little bit of the star she is today, the class may be worth it.


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