Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips Dishes On Collab With Miley Cyrus

It's going to be "badass."

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We're all anxiously awaiting Miley Cyrus's next musical venture, following the release of Bangerz last year. If her actions over the past year say anything about what's to come, Miley's next album should be even more wild than her last. And now it seems that her teaming up with the Flaming Lips is going to be bigger than just a music video—so says Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips himself. Drozd says the legendary group and the superstar have already met up in the studio together, and the results have been seriously positive. "She's fucking badass, man," he told PureVolume. "She's a total pro and sings like a bird. She's very patient and did take after take and was totally laid back. We were floored with how awesome she was."

And for anyone who's given Drozd and the rest of the Flaming Lips a rough time for collaborating with pop music's resident wild child of the moment, he says (pretty bluntly): "well, f*ck you!", claiming their 30 year plus tenure in the industry has given them license to do what they want. Right now, what they want is to take Miley to the next level. "I'm hoping that we can help her make a record that she wants to make for the next phase of her career," he says. We're not sure what can push the envelope more than Bangerz did, but if anyone can find a way, it's these two.


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