MC@Play with Matchbox Twenty

American pop-rock institution Matchbox Twenty has been holding their own since the '90s, and, with the release of their fourth studio album, aren't going anywhere anytime soon as they continue to climb the charts.

Very few American musical groups have been fortunate enough to have the longevity and widespread success that Matchbox Twenty has had in their 17 years of powerhouse pop-rock. Their 1996 debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You shot to the top of the international charts, and the Florida born and bred foursome hasn't stopped since.

September 4 marks a new era for Matchbox Twenty as they release their fourth full-length studio album, North. Each track is ripe with brilliant lyricism, rich melodies, and, of course, the hooks that have come to define the band throughout the decades. They have a tough act to follow after the multi-platinum status of their third album, Exile on Mainstream, which featured the band's best selling single to date, "How Far We've Come," an impossibly catchy track that has been stuck in our heads since 2007.

MC's own Sergio Kletnoy spent an afternoon with Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas and Paul Doucette, where the trio discussed why that album title, their creative process, and their newest single, "She's So Mean."

Check out the official video of "She's So Mean." We're warning you, though, prepare for it to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day — the MC staff has been humming it for days: