Joseph Gordon-Levitt and His Awesome Wife Just Had an Awesome Baby


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Updated, 8/19: Following their ultra-secret wedding, it seems Gordon-Levitt and McCauley had an ultra-secret pregnancy, welcoming a son over the weekend. While they won't be releasing their newborn's name, "the family is all happy and healthy," their rep told People.

Original Post, 1/9: Contrary to popular belief, Joseph Gordon-Levitt getting married (and thus taking himself off the market) is not the worst news ever. Why? His new wife, Tasha McCauley, is just plain awesome.

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Us Weekly confirms that the two secretly wed during a private ceremony at their home on December 20th, and we're confirming that Gordon-Levitt's a seriously lucky man: McCauley is the co-founder and CEO of Fellow Robots, a robotics company based at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, California. And as one might expect from a woman like that, the list goes on: She earned three degrees and speaks three languages to boot. 

Yes, the JGL-TMC union may have shattered more than a few hearts (ours included), but as was the case with George and Amal Clooney's courtship, we have no problem surrendering one of our favorite Hollywood bachelors to a whip-smart woman. Takin' one for the team.

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