Olivia Wilde Is Always Up for a Dance Party, Would Pay for Miniature Chairs, And Can Make a Mean Borscht

The star of this month's horror film The Lazarus Effect and spokesmodel for H&M's new environmentally sustainable Conscious Exclusive line tackles some "opposites" in rapid-fire fashion. 
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1. I would try once: Burlesque. No, thanks: bullfighting. 

2. Too much in my life: E-mails. Not enough of: Burrata.

3. Fear conquered: childbirth. Not quite there yet: My voice-mail box. 

4. Risky when it comes to: Travel. Play it safe when it comes to: NYC deli meat.

5. Getting better at: Changing diapers in speeding trains. Getting worse at: Splits.

6. Skills mastered: Making borscht. Can't quite get the hang of: Break dancing.

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7. Glad it's ahead of me: My 30s. Glad it's behind me: braces. 

8. Would pay good money for: A miniature chair collection. Wouldn't take even if free: A Hummer. 

9. Career highlight: Accurately referring to Mick Jagger as "Boss" (on set for our HBO show). Low point: 2002 tampon commercial audition. (I didn't get it.)

10. Endlessly curious about: Bloody Mary recipes. Zero interest: WWE.

11. Always up for: A dance party. Never up for: The Tea Party.

12. I feel for: Circus animals. No sympathy: The NRA. 

13. Worth the wait: Your kid's first laugh. No patience for: Impatient people.

14. Always cool: Rescue mutts. Never cool: Pet stores. 

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15. Subject I won't shut up about lately: Serial. Subject I avoid: Cereal. 

16. Moment of triumph: Paddleboarding up to a humpback whale. Epic fail: Not taking a picture of said whale. 

17. Perfect day begins with: "I've got great news." And ends with: "Good night, Madame President."

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