What 'Girls' Star and PR Phenom Audrey Gelman Is Reading Right Now

Audrey Gelman Shares Favorite Sites and Media Diet

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The New York Post & New York Daily News 

New York is still a city where the news of the day is driven by its tabloid papers.


I catch up on any news I missed during the night on Twitter, especially from @BuzzFeedAndrew@maggiepolitico@AshleyRParker@KateAurthur@Olivianuzzi@ZekeJMiller, and @errollouis.

Capital Playbook/POLITICO 

Two can't-miss political digests that will teach you how to talk about everything from the #cromnibus spending bill to Bridgegate like a pro.

The Shade Room

The urban gossip site is revolutionary in its use of Instagram as a news-breaking medium. With the most painstaking methods I've seen, they track celebrity gossip and find stories buried in thousands of comments. Best investigative journalists in America?


Exact same weird-cat vs. hard-news ratio as my brain, communicated in a voice eerily close to my truest self.

Now with Alex Wagner 

I watch this MSNBC show for my afternoon politics fix.


The local news channel, with its never-changing throwback graphics, is my eternal happy place.

@LeeRadziwill's Twitter 

I can't guarantee this account is actually run by 82-year-old socialite Lee Radziwill, but who cares! It's Absolutely Fabulous meets Camelot full of #lifelessons like: "#Miami, a sunny place for shady people."

Reliable Sources

Since Brian Stelter joined CNN, this media-analysis show has been the Sunday TV I most look forward to watching.

This article appears in the March issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now. 

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