13 Amazing Cameos You Missed in 'Sex and the City'

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If you ask me, Sex and the City has way too much Carrie in it. Carrie scream-whining "why can't you just be happy for me?" Carrie sending Aidan to rescue Miranda from the bathroom floor. Carrie neglecting her standing brunch appointment to stay in bed with the Russian for three days. Carrie being the only woman in the history of the world to escape karma's clutches.

SJP herself was probably so fed up with Carrie that she went, "Ugh, get away," then hired a bunch of cool actors to make cameos and thereby reduce The Deplorable Woman's screen time. Did you notice the girl who literally wrote the book on being French? What about some legendary hair and makeup people? What about Bradley Cooper?! Here, enjoy 13 special appearances that might not have registered the first (or 345th) time around.

Heather Graham

Everett Collection

She's just randomly walking around with Nina Katz, the woman who dates Aidan after Carrie, then she and Stanford go and get some type of food so Carrie can be like, "Stop looking at me like I ruined his life." Even though she kind of did.

Caroline de Maigret and Carole Bouquet

I know! Apparently, being Parisian includes sometimes acting in American TV shows, even if it was, to quote de Maigret, "a very lonely day." Oh, and Bouquet is *just* a Chanel model and a César Award winner. I don't know how they swung this.

Matthew McConaughey

Courtesy of HBO

You probably knew this one already, but still. It was like Failure to Launch all over again but out of chronological order.

Kat Dennings

Yup, she's that awful little girl who hires Samantha to plan her bat mitzvah.

Elizabeth Banks

Courtesy of HBO

Before she was taking Effie Trinket's Alexander McQueen heels from the set of the Hunger Games, she was a politician's fiancée.

Vince Vaughn and Carrie Fisher

Carrie mistakes Vinny for a big-time Hollywood agent, but turns out he's just house-sitting for Carrie Fisher. Awkward.

Kevyn Aucoin and Orlando Pita

Courtesy of HBO

Makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin and celebrity stylist Pita were both in the "Carrie Wipes Out on the Runway" episode, and TBH, that was the most exciting part of the episode for me. (Pita even mentions it in his bio he's so proud.)

Alan Cumming

Courtesy of HBO

At first, I thought they were trying to pass him off as either Domenico or Stefano, but nah—he was Oscar, the stylist responsible for the nude hot-pants-open-jacket combo.

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Bailey (that's Grey's Anatomy, PEOPLE) makes such an understanding cop.

Andy Cohen

Courtesy of HBO

Okay, fine, Carrie. I'd go hang out with Andy Cohen too, instead of being Charlotte's Seeing Eye dog.

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