Danica Patrick Is an Animal-Loving Record Breaker Who's Always Ready For a Girls' Night Out

The NASCAR race car driver and Tissot watch ambassador on immortalizing her dog, skincare as religion, and that road-rage problem.

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1. Pick about: Restaurants and vacation destinations. Not so much about: Coffee. I drink it black.

2. I feel for: Animals. I created a plush toy of my dog, Dallas, and a portion of proceeds go to charities that support them. No sympathy: People who don't work hard but want it all.

3. Skills mastered: Parallel parking and dickering. Can't quite get the hang of: Nonparallel parking.

4. Early for: Anything work-related. Late for: Birthdays, as in I completely forget about them.

5. Totally get the appeal: Skinny jeans. Don't get at all: Why my boyfriend (Ricky Stenhouse Jr.) doesn't!

6. Getting better at: Being patient and kind with others and myself. Getting worse at: Road rage.

7. Perennially cool: Wearing white, watches, and heels. Never cool: Crocs.

8. Moment of triumph: Passing six-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson on the outside on a restart. Epic fail: Anything high-waisted on my 5'1" frame; my storytelling skills.

9. Glad it's ahead of me: Confidence that comes from experience. Glad it's behind me: Insecurity that comes from youth.

10. Hottest place I've ever been: The inside of my GoDaddy Chevy during a summer race—it gets up to 140 degrees. Coldest: Chicago in the winter. There's nothing colder than turning the corner from Oak Street to Michigan Avenue—they call it the Windy City for a reason!

11. Always up for: A girls' night out, outdoor activities, and trail mix. Never up for: Too-tight pants.

12. Too much in my life: Pressure, expectations, schedules, and salads. Not enough of: Free weekends! Every NASCAR race is on a weekend.

13. Endlessly curious about: The human body. Zero interest: What people think of me.

14. Subject I won't shut up about lately: CrossFit. Subjects I avoid: Religion and politics.

15. True believer: God, love, and a good skincare regimen. Major skeptic: The effectiveness of low-impact workouts.

16. Perfect days begin with: Cuddling with my boyfriend and dog, sunshine, a cool breeze, and crashing waves. And ends with: Falling asleep on the couch.

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