Taylor Swift Will Permit Apple to Stream Her Music After All

Verrrry interesting.
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Update, 6/25: After three days of music-revolutionizing Tumblr posts, social media vollying, and too many changes of heart to count, Taylor Swift has agreed to relinquish 1989 to Apple Music:

It is happily decided. Taylor Swift is happy. Apple is happy. The conspiracy theorists are weeing themselves from happiness. Everybody is happy.

Smooth. Very smooth.

Original post, 6/24: When Taylor Swift isn't rocking sold-out concerts, fine-tuning her army of Hollywood friends, paying off her fans' student loans, and revamping the term "cat lady" one adorable Instagram post at a time, she's taking on big companies and changing the music industry for the betterment of her fellow artists.

But is it all too good to be true?

Some skeptics are claiming that Taylor Swift v Apple went *so* well, it had to be a PR stunt. Their reasoning? 1) Taylor Swift comes out as a hero 2) Apple looks like they're playing ball and are totally on board with artists' welfare.

To which we say: 1) When did everyone become an expert in PR tactics? 2) Even if true—um, artists get paid and no one got hurt, so...what's the big deal?

Tay motto #475: Haters gonna hate.


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