And in This One Adorable Moment, Taylor Swift's Brother Realizes How Absurd Their Life Is

We thank (the) Lorde for this recap.

Taylor Swift & Her Brother Austin
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In case you thought Lorde had been excommunicated from the squad, she sent out a tweet letting us know that, even though she hasn't been welcomed to the stage as one of Taylor Swift's 7 million guests, she is still in the Dear Leader's good graces.

Lorde, who did not attend the VMAs but did hit up an after-party in rainbow chevron Mary Katrantzou, shared a "who knew we'd end up here" moment that passed between Tay Tay and her brother Austin.

Note #1: Here is what a banquette heaving with models looks like. Note #2: Of course she had a photo handy. 

Final note: While Taylor Swift did spend part of her youth pulling praying mantis pods off Christmas trees, she also lived in this six-bedroom, 5,050 square foot suburban house.

Taylor Swift Childhood Home

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