Mayday: Kim Kardashian Lost So Much Neck Weight Her Chokers No Longer Fit

The struggle is so real.

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Kim Kardashian is *this* close to hitting her goal weight of 120 pounds thanks to non-stop working out and the Atkins diet. (Note: Did Kim time-travel to 2004? Unclear.)

But with weight loss comes major changes to one's wardrobe, and now Kim's choker no longer fits her. It's just, like, a saggy diamond shadow of its former self.


In the event that you can't watch the above video because your boss doesn't appreciate you spending working hours trolling Kim's Snapchat, the reality star says, "Guys, we're having real problems here. See my choker? Look at how big it is. My neck even lost weight. Is that wild, or what?"

Like, literally, so wild. Also, are #NeckGoals a thing? If so, Kim's achieved them and then some.

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Mehera Bonner
Entertainment Editor

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