Amy Schumer Opens Up About Being Raped by Her Then-Boyfriend

"My virginity was taken from me and it was not in a cool way."

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Amy Schumer visited Howard Stern to promote her new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, and things got candid pretty quickly. The comedian opened up about the sexual assault she experienced at the hands of her then-boyfriend, who raped her while she was sleeping.

"I was in and out of sleep, we were just kinda, like, lazily watching TV. We'd never had sex. I could feel that he was touching me, and I thought he was fingering me and it started to hurt, and I looked down and I was like 'what are you doing?' And he was like, 'I thought you knew.'"

Schumer said her boyfriend felt bad, and she ended up staying in the relationship. "He knew that I didn't know he was inside of me," she said. "And I'm comforting him. He was my boyfriend, I loved him. And then I got angry after. It messed me up, my trust issues are terrible."

Schumer writes about the experience in her book, saying that being raped is different for every woman.

"It's not this 'perfect rape.' People want you to have been raped perfectly and they want you to be a perfect victim. People hear me say that and they go, 'no, she's like a slut, I bet she knew.' We're so critical and it makes victims really not want to speak up. So, it's me saying, look I didn't have a 'perfect rape,' but my virginity was taken from me and it was not in a cool way."

Schumer hopes telling her story will encourage other victims to speak up, saying "It's messed up, and it's not fair, and that shouldn't have happened to me, and I hope it stops it from happening to maybe even one person."

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is on shelves now, and we're thinking it's required summer reading.

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