How Luke Hemsworth Makes His Brothers Chris and Liam Cry

"They're really tall but actually quite soft."


Luke Hemsworth, AKA Aussie Matt Damon and Westworld star, has revealed that, to make a younger Hemsworth cry, you just compare him to the spokesanimal of a frozen dairy snack brand. It's that easy.

"They're really tall but actually quite soft," the eldest-but-until-now-least-known Hemsworth said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. "They cry a lot. I take great joy in making them cry."

But how? Would it be too cruel to bring up some mortifying incident from their childhood spent "running around like wild dingos" in the bush? Nope. Just "Liam, have a shave. You look like the Paddle Pop Lion," and the waterworks will start, allegedly. (That is an Australian reference, but you can see how nonthreatening and off-the-Hemsworth brand he is below.)

Pain points, right? Nobody knows 'em as well (or will exploit them as freely) as a sibling.

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