Kendall Jenner Gives an Update on Kanye West's Health

Straight from the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Kendall Jenner
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Kanye West is currently in the hospital after suffering a reported "nervous breakdown" on the anniversary of his mother's funeral, and his family's rallying behind him in Los Angles. Which might be why the usual gaggle of Kardashians are not in Paris with Kendall Jenner, who will be walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show later today.

"It's [just] me," the model said backstage. "Yeah, no one is coming out but they're all—I've literally been texting with all of them, like, the past couple days. Everyone's, like, freaking out, I got so many flowers from, like, all my family members. So, yeah, I feel the love for sure from L.A."

Kanye West

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Jenner was asked directly about Kanye West's health, and had this to say when asked if he'd be okay: "Yes, of course, everyone's okay. Everyone is doing okay, just praying."

It's unclear when West will be released from the hospital, as doctors are reportedly struggling to diagnose him.

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