And on the 12th Day, Kim Kardashian Wished for Peace on Earth in the Love Magazine Advent Calendar

Feat. the Aurora Borealis.

Kim Kardashian
(Image credit: YouTube)

Although her Love Magazine advent calendar video was likely filmed in late summer or fall, we'll take any Kim Kardashian we can get these days—especially after she's made herself so scarce.

In the James Lima-directed visuals, she descends from heaven via a shooting star, wears a Coach fur coat and nude lingerie, and beckons to the camera. ("Way more of a narrative than we got," the other girls grumbled.) This is meant to express "peace on earth" and maybe something political given the opening scene with a Cuban cigar box and a doll, and it pretty well accomplishes it. Because what else can bring people together like Kim Kardashian in Agent Provocateur?

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Chelsea Peng
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